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Stucco Contractor Photo Gallery

The completed project.
Preparation requires trenching
to expose the base of the stucco.
Sand is spraved onto the stucco
at very high pressure.


Todd starting the project by removing the awnings on the home. The awnings get cleaned, primed and re installaed along with wood replacement on the gables and new windows..

After sand blasting the exposed materials are ready for repairs.
  Awnings are removed and windows covered, ready for the difficult task of sand blasting the stucco. Sand blasting removes many layers of paint and the stucco finish.
Sandblasting stucco is a noisy process requiring the neighbors being notified.

Sand blasted stucco on back patio.

Window in need of replacement due to rot and termites.

Window replaced and stucco finish completed.
Sand blasting requires permit, notifying
neighbors and very good debris controls.
Preparation, priming and
painting of existing metal and wood.

  Electrical fixture replacement.
Get new fixtures or have the old ones replaced.

Mike with Chili. Can I post this Mike?


Stucco, wood replacement, windows and painting completed.

Mike - We can still see your shadow.
Special thanks to Mike and Chili for appearing on our gallery.

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