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FREE trim paint on your restucco project with quality materials. Save up to 25% when combining roof, insulation or windows with your stucco project. Free trim paint with re stucco.

Old base material with new stucco finish applied. Stucco wall, windows and trim completed.   Left wall before stucco application
Right wall has fresh coat of stucco.
Trim paint has been applied. 

Wood rot and termites.

Water penetration into walls and the wood structure of a building provides the perfect living conditions for the pesky termite. The damage termites can inflict on a property is only limited by the amount of wood that is available within the framing..

Some dry rot and termite damage is exposed and easy to see. There may be additional damage that is hidden from view.

Wood Care

Years of weather and wear and tear on a home can make your home's wood show more than just it's age.

Proper evaluation and a good game plan can bring your home's wood trim and exposed areas a solid level of protection.

Preparation and care when mixed with proper finish materials can bring new life to your home and the most sensitive areas of the exterior.


Free Trim Paint with your sandblast and re-stucco job.

Sandblasting your home give a clean base for the adhesion of the stucco color coat. We bond your stucco on all surfaces to add longevity to your projects.
Your home will look great with our "Free trim paint" on your re-stucco project. Your free in-home consultation will answer all of your stucco questions.
Contact us today for your free consultation.
Before re stucco project.  Sandblasting stucco  After stucco color is applied. 

This home in Gardena California is being updated with new windows, stucco and free trim paint.

The awnings, stucco blasted and sanding completed on the trim.
The gable wood has been replaced at the request of the homeowner.

A lifetime of protection with elastomeric coating on the trim and siding. The stucco color coat is applied with a light Spanish Lace. Front windows have been replaced with energy efficient dual pane vinyl windows.