Smooth Stucco Santa Barbara Mission Finish

A smooth stucco finish is also known as “Santa Barbara Mission Finish”

Los Angeles Stucco Contractor for smooth stucco projects
Smooth stucco finish remodeled by Los Angeles Stucco Contractor

There are a wide variety of finishes available for your stucco project. When you are looking for a modern look you will end up with a smooth finish. The smooth finish can come out flat as a piece of plywood or somewhat wavy which is known as the “Mission Finish”.


This finish will have irregularities and a somewhat wavy finish.

Smooth finish stucco prepartation.
Preparing for smooth finish requires hand troweling to level the surface. 

Many projects will require a leveling coat of “brown coat”.

Smooth stucco finish with "Mission Finish"
Santa Barbara Mission Finish is a smooth stucco finish with a wavy surface



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